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What is Crystal Abundance?

Many years ago, one of my students committed suicide in the college I was a lecturer at. She hung herself and I found her. I had a nervous b...


We can all crave abundance at times in our life, wanting to release struggle and stress from our lives and of course, it can arrive in all s...

The Abundance of Nature

I stood in the old graveyard watching the burning bush. It was biblical. With each shudder of the wind, the plume of smoke convulsed, rose a...

Divine Comfort

My beloved Steve passed away on 29th September 2013. We had been blessed with only three years together but they were the happiest times we ...

Dr. George King - Master of Yoga

In 2016 the last book written by Dr. George King, which I was privileged to co-author, was published in its third edition under the title Re...

Conscious Manifesting with the Moon

When we work with the moon cycle we gain intuition and insight on the hidden elements of our spiritual self.  We can work on manifesting and...

You are Invincible

5 steps to being authentically you……You are invincible! We are spiritual beings, abundant in our knowledge and nature. We simply need to ...

Benjamin Creme, 1922-2016

  “I am Love without bounds. I am close to you. I am wherever Love manifests. I am the creator of a pool of Love from which all ...

Make Stress Work for You

Stress and anxiety let you know you are not in balance. Addressing their message lets you harness their power, enriching your life in ways t...
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