22 June – 22 July

As you continue to acquaint yourself with your inner world and natural essence, there is a sense you are beginning to feel more in balance with yourself and your life. As a result, you are more accepting of the continual and perpetual cycle of change occurring in every corner of your existence. Change can be frustrating, but it can also be inspiring and enlivening; change is a constant in life and your willingness to be more accepting of this heaving mass of unknowable and undefinable consciousness is opening up your heart and soul towards living in a more enriching way. It’s a little out of character for you to be so relaxed about such a pivotal period of change, but this is part of the change process as you are allowing yourself to actively feel the shifts and face any discomfort rather than fidgeting and wriggling on the spot in order to avoid it. It’s important that you don’t start to see this swirling mass of change that resides in your inner world as a force separate to the rest of you as it’s very much a part of you. Maybe this explains why you are so much more than the sum of your parts!

July looks set to be a month where the pace of these shifts intensifies enabling you to step even more consciously into your heart and soul in order contemplate what you truly want from your life. Change happens every moment of every day, and the more willing you are to consciously ride with the flow of this, the more you will evolve and grow with each passing moment. This is an exciting chapter of your life and one that looks set to re-shape and re-define the course of your life for a long time to come…

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