November 23 – December 21

As you continue to ride the ebb and flow of life, there is a growing sense that you are beginning to find a sense of peace with the eternal shifts of the currents and the ever-changing nature of your existence. There are times when life feels tumultuous and challenging, but there are also times when life feels delicious and amazing. There are also times when life brings you a sense of all of the above! Even when times are challenging, there is one thing within you that remains constant, bright and well-illuminated: your inspiration. Your inspiration is your inner beacon, your light that brings you hope and instils a sense of deep creativity and profound intuition within you. Over the years, you have learned how to connect to your inspiration in ways that feel symbiotic as you have discovered how to feed your talents and gifts.

At the same time, your inner light has illuminated the path ahead during dark times, helping you to see beyond fear and pain, and finding hope and determination in the process. In short, your inspiration is your one true constant in life as it’s your life-force, feeding your soul and warming your heart. Yet, despite knowing how important your inspiration is to you, there have been many times in your life where you’ve put it to one side in order to do the ‘right’ thing and follow a path you feel you ought to follow even though intuitively you have not felt it light you up from within. Ought’s can form a powerful role in life, particularly when you are trying to be everything to everyone, but they can also become toxic over time as they freeze those flowing currents and lock in your inspiration. The time has come for you to open up more to that glowing light within and allow it to show you a new way of living and being…

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