July 23 – August 23

It seems commonplace now for hit TV shows to be made with numerous different finales in order to keep fans and cast guessing until the very last moment as to what happens. That way, until the day of the show, no one really knows who did what, when and how. Of course, life is like that most of the time anyway, but what if it wasn’t? What if you could outline numerous different outcomes to each of the many different situations you find yourself in at any one moment in time? Would it help to know in advance what may, or may not, happen? This may seem like odd question, but there is a sense that you have treading water for a while now, waiting for some clarity as to what is going to happen next before you make any big decisions. Whilst this is understandable, it’s left you in a kind of perpetual frozen stasis of being unable to move backwards or forwards until you know more even though intuitively you cannot know more as life just doesn’t carry a time machine of possibilities.

Yet, maybe you have been looking at this the wrong way? Maybe your quest to know the outcome before you’ve embarked on the journey is more of a sign that the journey just isn’t the right one for you? You’re not hovering because you need a definite answer, you just want to feel that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that tells you everything is as it should be? After all, you have never been afraid to explore pastures new nor have you lacked the courage to face challenges and dead ends, as each one has brought you wisdom and learning. Maybe you think you’re being indecisive when, in fact, you’re just listening to your phenomenal intuition! So, stop giving yourself such a hard time and instead begin to trust your intuition to lead the way…

ks set to be a month of strength and vision as you lean more intensely into the present moment, breathing deeply into life and allowing yourself to be more centred and balanced. Whilst such a pause represents stillness, you may well be pleasantly surprised at just how much forward momentum you create by not pushing. So, breathe, let go and fly free…


Sarah-Jane explores the key themes in your life emerging over the coming year. Each reading is individually written and will be around 1495 words long. Cost £39.  Click here to order

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