22 June – 22 July

As you continue to contemplate what constitutes a ‘good’ life, there is a growing sense that your feet are growing more and more itchy as you feel as though there must be more to do, see and be. It’s not that you have a particularly ‘bad’ life, it’s more an inner sense of restlessness that something is missing or out of alignment and, even though you’ve been unable to put your finger on what this is, you cannot help but know things aren’t quite as you would want them to be. In many ways, you would be quite happy to ignore all of this and continue keeping on keeping on but this inner niggle just won’t shut up or go away. Perhaps, in order to get some peace, you need to spend some time at least exploring what you truly want from your life and then decide if you are already living that life or if you need/want to make some changes.

Of course, the whole concept of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is also something you should maybe look at as compartmentalising your outlook in such a black and white way makes it likely you will not notice the middle ground of contentment all around you; life is rarely perfect, after all. There is a strong sense of a new direction forming in your life but until you open up to wanting that direction to take shape it is unlikely to do much other than wave at you from a distance. Yet, ‘wanting’ that direction to take shape means believing in yourself, tapping into your formidable strength and not trying to dismiss the ‘good’ life as out of reach or somehow impractical. Life is what you make of it and this is your moment to redefine and reshape yours from the inside, out…

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