April 21 – May 20

You have spent much of the last few months bringing together the many different pieces of your life into a more cohesive and unified ‘whole’, and this has enabled you to take stock and acknowledge where you are now with where you were and where you’d like to be. At the same time, you have had the opportunity to contemplate your true priorities and to think about what you really want in life. However, despite all of this positivity, you have, in reality, had very little time to notice these shifts as you have been so busy with things to do, people to see and places to go. It’s as though your life has been on fast forward and whilst you have a sense of inner coalescence and unification, you have been too busy to be still or rest in the moment. Yet, at the same time, you have been noticing the spaces in-between the spaces, and with each brief flicker of awareness of ‘space’, your consciousness has been tickled with the concept of there being more to life than constantly working through a never-ending to-do list.

As a result, despite being on fast-forward, you have also been breathing more deeply into life and April looks set to be a month of continued coalescence and cohesiveness as you start to find ways of living your life with more stillness and awareness, and less rush and busy-ness. Stillness is not inaction, it’s a willingness to let go of the rush and hustle, and the somewhat frenetic nature of your everyday life, to instead live in a more conscious and mindful way. Busy-ness keeps you distracted from facing that gap between where you are and where you want to be, but you seem ready now to not only face the gap but to leap across it as well…



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