Cosmic Insights for April 2017

Like the sap rising in the trees, and the daffodils turning their heads to the lengthening days of sunshine, there’s a growing sense of shift emerging from deep within our hearts and souls. In many ways, it’s hard to articulate as it’s a feeling which is still taking shape and form so there are no words that can adequately do it justice. Yet, like the sap rising, the energy is vibrant and intense, and it’s important we acknowledge it to allow it more breathing space to flourish and thrive.

Of course, it’s part of human nature to want to understand and make sense of change but it’s an important part of our evolution to accept that there are times where, no matter how hard we look, there are no answers. Wholeheartedly accepting (and not resisting) this takes both trust and courage but these are essential traits on our journey in life. We are undoubtedly in confusing times and there are paradoxes everywhere as we can feel both overwhelmed and underwhelmed, joy and pain, calm and stormy, all at the same time. In the blink of an eye we can shift from having a clear sense of direction to feeling hopelessly lost and alone. Of course, many don’t notice much of this as the change can be on subtle levels and, as we know, lots of individuals never skim beyond the surface of life, so it’s usually those of us on a quest for meaning who feel the true epicentre of shift. Perhaps we feel it because we’re looking for it or maybe we feel it simply because we’re more ‘sensitive’ and in tune to the ebb and flow of the currents of life?

There have been several occasions recently when well-meaning friends have asked me to see the higher, or deeper, meaning to some on-going challenges in connection to my new home, in particular, recurring plumbing problems. I’ve been asked to look at what water means to me and what is it within me that’s creating these problems. I’ve had to step back from this perspective as there are times when seeking out meaning or answers actually doesn’t help. I have plumbing problems because of shoddy workmanship, no more, no less! If I look deeper into it, how does that help me? And if I do look deeper into it, would I feel responsible for these problems making me feel more of a victim? Sometimes ‘it is what it is’ and although it’s in our nature to look deeper, it’s not always in our best interests. It’s important to let our intuition lead the way and nudge us when we need to take a longer look at something.

Yet, how do we know? If the answer to that question was clear, wouldn’t life be so much simpler! Trust is our closest ally, so although we cannot articulate the spiritual and metaphorical sap rising up within us, if it feels right, why not see where it takes us before asking too many questions?

Of course, such a philosophy is perhaps easier said than done when we feel discombobulated and disorientated in a landscape that feels continually out of focus, but resisting and struggling doesn’t bring clarity, only more pain and confusion, so, despite our inherent human-ness to want to re-focus, we can’t. Not yet anyway.

Accepting and allowing this takes strength and we may feel unable to dig any deeper or find any more reserves but that’s the point: we need to stop digging and learn how to let go. It’s undoubtedly hard trying to go against instinct but we are evolving, and taking new steps into unchartered terrain isn’t easy but it’s time to breathe and let go…

With love,