February 20 – March 20

As you continue to allow the vibrant and beautiful kaleidoscope of colours to flow freely from your heart and soul, there is a sense your creativity is beginning to surge back into life once again. You have always been a creative soul but there have been times of your life when this has log-jammed due to stress or taking on too much. Creativity is your life-blood, it’s the force that inspires and motivates you. Creativity is not just about painting or weaving or being artistic, it’s a way of being that allows you to live in an interconnected way; your way of making sense of the world is to channel your emotions into creative thought, creative feeling and creative being. You step through logic and into the realms beyond which can feel quite tumultuous and confusing at times as, by its definition, it’s beyond logic!

Whilst you thrive in such a space, there is a part of you longing to make sense of it, to know where you’re heading and why, and to feel less overwhelmed by the current of life. Yet, when you stop resisting this space beyond words, you feel very at home there and when you find your centre of balance, you realise just how much you need to be at one with the ebb and flow as you do not naturally stand still on any level of your being. Movement and flow are a part of your everyday, resisting this leads to overwhelm as you end up fighting your own sense of being. Accepting it allows you to become one with the flow, intuitively moving through life with wisdom and insight. Others may not understand this but this isn’t about them, it’s about you. So, take a deep breath and flow…

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