May 21 – June 21

There is a sense that you are, once again, beginning to see the world with fresh eyes and a new-found awareness and awe. It’s as though you are seeing everything for the first time and your senses are awakening to a brand-new world; sounds are clearer, colours are brighter and you can sense every heartbeat and breath. It’s overwhelming but completely natural at the same time and you are tingling with a magical, child-like wonder at the world in which you find yourself. Of course, this world is the world you’ve always lived in, it’s just that you are growing ever-more aware of the magic, both within and around you. This isn’t magic as in white rabbits and card tricks, this is the inherent magic of life and the universe: the force that makes stuff happen. Stuff like creative thought, life itself, consciousness.

Every single one of the trillions of cells in your being are buzzing and tingling with the magic of existence and although this is all quite heady and pungent, you intuitively know it to be true as you cannot help but sense the passion and creativity rising up from deep within you. Although there are days when you feel overwhelmed with the awe-inspiring vastness of your consciousness, there are also days when you punch the air with delight and brim over with excitement at the possibilities before you as they inspire and electrify you. You are a creative and innovative soul, and you know that it’s the time spent in the magic of awareness that brings you to life and enables you to navigate your way through the pedestrian everyday world. April looks set to stir the fires in your soul to inspire you to embrace the enchantment and to let your true self shine…

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