I am spiritual guide of the Maya, mom, health coach and author.

I was born in Germany, but lived later in England. After the birth of my third child we left to live in Costa Rica. It was a wonderful life, we did meditation and read spiritual books and yet I had this inner longing for something I could not define. Then I read Drunvalo´s book “Serpent of light” and knew I had to see the Mayan pyramids.

We made the journey of our life, by car. We met very nice people and saw beautiful places. When we arrived in Guatemala we fell in love with the Maya: these wonderful beings, so nice and friendly and always smiling. We came to the Atitlan Lake, the most beautiful lake in the world. The Maya believe the Lake is the heart of mother Earth. The energy is very strong and can change you. It changed me.


Soon I experienced my first sacred Mayan ceremony; it was unbelievable how the shaman was talking with the fire.

We lived at the lake for five years. I became very sick and nearly died and we lost everything financially. In these “hard” times I looked for help from the sacred fire. The shaman explained it was my destiny to be a shaman too.

The Maya believe, that we all have a destiny in life, and we suffer if we don’t follow that destiny.

We were invited by our Mayan friends to a big ceremony with more than 50 Mayan shamans. There I met Nana Tomasa, one of the most respected shamans in Guatemala and member of the Council of Elders. I talked with her and I was so impressed by her presence. I felt so much love radiating from her. She invited me to her house and we became friends. Later she offered to be our teacher. My husband and I began the walk of the sacred path with her. We experienced unbelievable ceremonies.


The Maya still have more than 5000 active energy places in Guatemala. They believe that if we do ceremonies at these altars, the energy inside us awakens. The knowledge is in each of us and this happened somehow. We began to see things differently, we could read the fire and understand the spirits. Nana never taught us something profound. She conducted the ceremonies in her native language Quiché and although we didn’t understand the words, something great happened. Our energy started to rise.

We got initiated as Aq´ijab- spiritual guides of the Quiché Maya in October 2012.

We experienced great ceremonies on the 21st and 22nd of December 2012 – where one cycle of the Nimahaab, a long count of the Maya calendar ended and the next one started. It is the first time ever that masculine and feminine energy will find their balance. Peace and harmony on Earth will come. Mayan elders told us that it will take 20-30 years for the new cycle to be settled. It is our responsibility to make this world a better place, to find harmony and peace and to awake the female energy in each of us.

At the end of 2013 Nana Tomasa urged our return to Europe to spread the message of unity and help awaken Mother Earth´s and humanity’s energy in Europe with sacred fire ceremonies.

In January 2014 we took off to Slovakia..

Just after our arrival I developed cancer. Although I panicked, I knew deep inside it was just another layer I had to let go to free myself.


I believe there is only one way to heal – the holistic way, the healing of body and soul. I started a raw food diet containing wild herbs. I ate only cancer fighting food: pineapple, carrots, garlic, ginger, berries. A also used some natural cancer protocols.

I started to meditate intensively. I knew there was a reason for my disease.

I decided to start helping others again and very soon people looking for help came into my life, I used health coaching, meditation classes and fire ceremonies to assist.

I asked the question to myself in meditation: “Why do I have cancer?” Immediately I saw my mom. I felt strong anger. I went deep into that anger, without judging myself; I just felt it till the bottom. I saw myself as a little child. I saw my sister who had been sick as a newborn. My mom had been so busy caring for her, but not me. So the little child believed that disease means love from mommy. I had always been getting sick because I yearned for love. In every following meditation I sent love to my inner child, and to my mom. I could recognize that my mom did her best, she hadn’t been able to give more, because she didn´t love herself. Two weeks later I felt free: I was full of love and forgiveness for the little girl inside of me and for my mom.

After two weeks the tumor was gone! I felt blessed. I found another piece of my true self.

Soon we plan the sacred journey “7 ceremonies in 7 days” to reactivate your energy and wisdom. For more information visit:


With love

Alice Beins