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Tantra and Self-Empowerment

We all have exactly the same opportunities to grow spiritually.                               No matter where our life circumstances have...

The Power of Being

I hadn’t heard the term ‘owning’ it till recently but I love it. When I worked in the corporate world we used to talk about management walki...

Through the Eyes of a Child

We begin to see how divorced we have become from our feeling nature, and how the desire to “do the right thing” according to our friends, ne...

The Men on Glastonbury Hill

Every year, I stay in deepest Somerset after the Glastonbury festival of everything alternative and I walk across farmland about four miles ...

The Great Taboo

Few of us want to talk about dying yet it is the one certainty of living. We will all face an end of life. I have been very privileged durin...

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An article from Mooji

In spiritual circles, I often hear that everything which arises is perfect as it is, and what it arises from—God, the Universe, Oneness or whatever name one would like to use—is utterly complete and whole. If this is so, then why this dream, this nightmare of duality? No one sane would create such a nightmare full of suffering… At the moment you call it a[...]

Towards a True Kinship of Faiths

His Holiness The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. He frequently states that his life is guided by three major commitments: the promotion of basic human values or secular ethics in the interest of human happiness, the fostering of inter-religious harmony and the welfare of the Tibetan people, focusing on the survival of their identi[...]

Amma Embraces the World...Again and Again!

Mata Amritanandamayi, affectionately known as ‘Amma’, is celebrating her 60th birthday this year – by continuing to embrace all who come to her, and launching numerous charitable and research initiatives. Amma is considered a Mahatma, or ‘great soul’, in her native India, and has spent her life spreading the message of ‘Compassion in Action’, servin[...]

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