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  • World Exclusive! Dadi Janki

    Dadi Janki is the Administrative Leader of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Aged 95, this powerhouse of compassion, love and wisdom travels the world

  • Lifelogix Presents Capnotrainer

    Lifelogix Presents Capnotrainer

    Are you breathing correctly?

  • Wholebeing Weight Loss Process

    Wholebeing Weight Loss Process

    Unique weightloss process which focuses on empowering individuals discover their relationship with food from inside and becoming a Wholebeing. Awesome

  • Creative Hypnotherapy

    Creative Hypnotherapy

    Ray Jenkinson shares his passion for practising and teaching Creative Hypnotherapy. Truly Intuitive & Creative

  • Buddha Maitreya’s Wisdom

    Buddha Maitreya

    Explore the stunning and tranquil Japanese gardens of Buddha Maitreya and share his wisdom and peace

  • Walk Into The Light

    Walk Into The Light

    From being police officers to setting up Walk into the light and writing their fabulous books